Portuguese for foreigners


Regular courses

From OCTOBER 2022 until 2023

You may enroll at any time throughout the academic year.

The groups are established according to the language level of participants and targets.

Programme duration is always set with a focus on helping you meet your objectives and/or aspirations (including also, for instance, the preparation for the CAPLE exam, a certification that assesses competence in Portuguese as a Foreign Language).

Our “method” stems from two words: COMMUNICATION and SHARING. Through our pleasurable, energetic, creative approach, the knowledge of the language and the feel of a different culture are fostered both swiftly and naturally.

 For detailed information about our prices and services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Intensive courses

to be in SUMMER 2023

The courses are held Mondays to Fridays, 90 minutes each session. The minimum number of participants is 5 and the maximum is 8. Available courses: Abs. Beginners (A1.1), Beginners (A1.2 – A2.1), Intermediates (A2.2) and Advanced (B1- C1).